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LifeWays is a part of the public mental health system in Michigan, serving people in Jackson and Hillsdale counties. As a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) grantee, LifeWays provides a comprehensive set of services used to increase access to care, support people in crisis, and provide treatment for those with the most serious and complex behavioral health needs regardless of their insurance coverage. CCBHCs integrate additional services that focus on recovery, wellness, trauma-informed care, and physical-behavioral health care integration. Services are delivered either inhouse or through our network of more than 60 mental health providers. Once an individual’s level of need is determined by one of our Access Clinicians, we will connect that individual with one or more medically necessary services within the vast array of internal and community resources. Funding for the services provided through LifeWays and our Provider Network come mostly from federal and state government programs in addition to some local government funding and fundraising. LifeWays strives to help all Jackson and Hillsdale community members better understand, identify, and cope with mental illness. Even if we can’t directly provide services for a community member, we will help link them to other programs or resources that may help them. Our mission at LifeWays is to partner with our community to inspire hope and equip all individuals on their journey towards recovery and wellness. MISSION STATEMENT LifeWays inspires hope and promotes life-enhancing recovery. VISION STATEMENT We envision a fully integrated healthcare network that supports individuals in our community to reach their full potential. OUR VALUES Exceptional Service Strategic Partnerships Innovation Integrity Person-Centered Care Compassion

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Training and Development Specialists

Bachelors Degree

  • Full-time

Salary: $50K to $70K

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