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Real Estate Salesperson

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Rivertown Realty Business Center Inc.
4301 Canal Ave SW
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OUR MISSION Keller Williams Rivertown shall continually develop a world class team of real estate professionals with a passion for excellence and a mindset of contribution. OUR WHY Loving Our Neighborhoods. OUR BELIEFS As individuals, we are called to leadership. Whether it is in our families, our jobs, or neighborhood, what we say and do influences the world around us. Here at Keller Williams Rivertown we subscribe to faith and to being value added individuals, incorporating every resource available to grow ourselves as Leaders to a higher standard of personal success in every area of our lives. Taking care of our personal relationships within our faith and families provides a firm foundation, and a Keller Williams Rivertown, our priority is encouraging healthy, vibrant and meaningful relationships. Keller Williams Rivertown actively seeks and promotes servant style leadership to influence and serve those around us. With an open and giving hand, we seek to be profitable to others at every occasion and opportunity, being mindful to offer good, to be advantage to others, to be a blessing.

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Grandville, Michigan 49418





Real Estate Sales Agents


High School Diploma/Equivalency

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  • 1099
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