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 Composite Tooling/Prototype Technician Team Lead
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Energetx Composites Llc

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Job Description

Basic Accountability Statement:

Demonstrate a broad range of composite material and process technical knowledge and ability to accomplish hands-on technical composite assignments.  Lead and perform in the full range of activities from initial early project design for manufacturability feedback, hands-on manufacturing of composite patterns and molds, building prototype composite parts, repairing tools and parts, and performing field service required for tools and parts. This will require individuals that have a high level of skill, discipline and craftsmanship for all composite processes, and demonstrated behavior showing great attention to detail.

 Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Along with the following duties, provide team leadership for a crew of composite technicians, organizing work and materials, ensuring quality objectives are met, and team stays on task and working to plan.
  2. Perform hands-on build of composite molds for prototyping or production as required. This may include:  pattern preparation and release application, spraying gel-coat, hand lamination, dry lay-up, vacuum bagging, infusion, structural reinforcement, pulling, grinding, surface fairing, sanding & detailing, assembly, vacuum system plumbing, heating system installation, creating the B-side tooling if required (either light RTM or Silicon bags).
  3. Perform hands-on build of simple patterns, or rough build of bucks and finishing of CNC machined patterns when required.
  4. Perform hands-on build of prototype parts.  This may include similar processes and activities as shown for the build of molds along with other assembly, finishing and painting operations.  Providing feedback and help in developing/improving quality records and work instructions from knowledge learned in part builds.
  5. Perform hands-on composite repairs for patterns, molds and parts, when approved to do so by engineering leadership.  This may include:  defect investigation and scope quantification, grinding, cutting, scarfing, hand lamination, vacuum bagging, infusion, sanding, fairing, refinishing.  This may be required both in plant as well as for products in the field.
  6. Provide support for production operations, including process troubleshooting, cycle time and cost improvements, product repair guidance for standard repairs and non-conformance disposition when approved to do so by engineering leadership, mold maintenance. 
  7. Coordinate and conduct material and product testing required to guide development and validate that the product meets all specifications if required.
  8. Evaluate and test alternative processes as they relate to improving final equipment design.
  9. Evaluate and test alternative materials as they relate to improving process capability and product integrity through use of mechanical test machines and other test methods as required etc.
  10. Follow-up and assist in all phases of:  the final production design, construction, integration, final installation, and troubleshooting of composite process equipment, tooling and process output at the plant.
  11. Perform other duties and tasks as assigned.


  • Requires substantial technical training and/or hands-on experience with advanced composites, and mold and pattern building in particular.
  • Requires a minimum of 3 years of experience in composite part & mold building and support for composite molding production processes in a lean manufacturing environment.
  • Must be motivated, organized and able to adapt quickly to changing project demands.
  • Demonstrated behavior showing a high level of attention to detail, and craftsmanship required.
  • A high level of communication skills is required to interact with all levels of leadership team, project teams and customers.
  • Must possess good interpersonal skills and strong leadership qualities.
  • Experience with MS Excel, Word, Project and PowerPoint would be beneficial. 
  • Experience with the following closed mold processes is required:  RTM, Light RTM or VARTM, SCRIMPTM and/or other vacuum infusion processes. 
  • Willing to travel periodically for field work.
  • Position is a first shift position, but individual must be willing and able to occasionally work off-shifts if project requires.

How to Apply

Please appy by sending your resume to lward@energetxcomposites.com or visit our web site at EnergetxComposites.com.

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  • City: Holland
  • State/Province/Region: MI
  • Zip/Postal Code: 49423-5923
  • Website: www.energetxcomposites.com
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