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 Sewer Artisan
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Directly involved in the manufacturing and quality of the watchstraps or leather good products.
Working on a regular basis sewing, but may also work in  one or more stations in cutting department, or in the manufacturing floor and/or inspecting the quality of the process, material or final product. This position requires flexibility to work at different stations or assignments, as needed to support the requirements of production.

  1. Work with manual and automatic sewing machines
  2. Assembles and operates different kind of semi-auto or automatic machines after basic training.
  3. Responsible to use the personal protective equipment required (PPE) and to apply all the safety recommendations for all or each process, machine and area of work.
  4. Responsible to maintain the area of work clean and organized.
  5. Respects and maintains in good conditions the product, furniture, tools and machinery. Responsible of the daily maintenance of the tools and machines.
  6. Read, understand and follow all the SOP’s for the stations and/or directions required for each assignment.
  7. Inspect the product before and after to be processed and rejects the defectives according with the quality requirements.
  8. Responsible to achieve the daily production at the required level of quality and to request support when is needed.
  9. Responsible to declare quantities on the system (writing/computer) to follow quality and production levels
  10. Train other artisans, providing the correct information and support.
  11. Participate actively in the resolution of problems and improvements of the process bringing ideas and proposals (MRP/Kaizen)

         Personal attributes:

  1. Attention to details
  2. Team-oriented to fit in a collaborative environment.
  3. Punctual at work
  4. Confortable working in a diverse working environment
  5. Focus and organized.
  6. Open to learn and work in different stations/positions.

Requirements:High School diploma or equivalent.

  1. Experience working in manufacturing (leather, textile, electronics, or medical industry).
  2. Ability to operate industrial sewing machines
  3. Experience working as quality control.
  4. Ability to understand and follow instructions.
  5. Able to lift 30 pounds weight

How to Apply

Please submit your resume to tdaniel@shinola.com

Organization Profile
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  • Employer Name: Shinola
  • Address: 485 W. Milwaukee St.
  • Address Line 2:
  • City: Detroit
  • State/Province/Region: MI
  • Zip/Postal Code: 48202
  • Website: http://www.shinola.com
  • Alternate Website:
  • Description: Shinola is a dynamic and fast-moving startup, but with the resources of a well-established corporation. Because we’re a growing and evolving company, each employee is a key stakeholder, making decisions everyday that directly impact our overall vision and direction. At Shinola, you’ll have the opportunity to make a significant contribution at the start of what we believe will become an iconic American brand.

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