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 Electrical/Electronic/Automotive Technician
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Trinity Tech Inc.

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At Trinity Tech Inc. we thrive to provide Innovative and Cost Effective solutions for Quality Assurance and Automation within the Automotive and Manufacturing sectors. 

We are currently looking for eager electrical/electronic/automotive technicians to join our Plymouth, Michigan office. As a technician, your role will be to work as a team with other technicians, assisting the on-site engineer to:

·         Test, analyze and verify vehicle module systems using Diagnostic Engineering Tools (DET)
·         Perform basic level diagnostics in-vehicle and on a test bench for any suspect unit
·         Familiarize with various engineering interface tools such as PUMA, Intrepid’s NeoVI, ValueCAN3, GM TECH 2 and Mychanic
·         Familiarize with various OEM software Engineering tools including Ford DET and GM DPS
·         Regularly interface with plant Incoming Quality (IQ) and Plant Vehicle Team (PVT) Engineers
·         Work closely with OEMs and Suppliers’ Engineering and Quality teams to resolve issues
·         Support launch activities at the clients facilities, as well as suppliers facilities
·         Work off-site at our various clients facilities
·         Analyze and report failure of regular line fall out
·         Update and close appropriate documents to report line fallout
·         Oversee and report on product containments, quarantines, etc.
·         Organize and supervise product related sorts, temporary manpower etc.
·         Perform a regular walk-around to various points of the assembly process
·         Communicate with the client regarding any open concerns or QRs.
·         Work with Incoming quality team to cut shipper, provide RMA, carry out and ship defective parts to specified location in an expedient manner for root cause analysis
·         Establish a mutual trust and positive working relationship with all customers
·         Assist on other duties to achieve departmental and company objectives


  • Must hold minimum 2 year technical diploma
  • Must be willing to travel and hold valid passport (50+% Travel)
·         Must hold valid driver’s license
·         Ability to work in a fast paced environment
·         Must be coachable and willing to learn
·         Must have interest in Automotive Industry

How to Apply

 Please submit resumes and cover letters to spencer.van@trinitytechinc.ca

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  • Employer Name: Trinity Tech USA Inc.
  • Address: 2000 Town Centre Drive
  • Address Line 2: Suite 1900
  • City: Southfield
  • State/Province/Region: Michigan
  • Zip/Postal Code: 48075
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