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Re-Source Partners
1101 Allen Drive
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About Re-Source Re-Source Partners Asset Management, Inc. prides itself as a lifecycle management services company. The company’s purpose is to protect and maximize its customer’s investments in technology. This means that Re-Source Partners is in business to protect your business. Our core services include properly managing assets during change points such as deployment and retirement. These change points are the greatest risk points for data security breaches of corporate information stored on hard disk drives and other media. If one computer goes missing with live data on a hard drive, this can mean millions of dollars of exposure and negative PR for a corporation. Yet many corporations usually unknowingly allow vendors to handle this live data with no processes in place to protect their precious data. Vendors will state that they “wipe” drives or that they provide certificates, but peel back a layer of that onion and the protection is non-existent when compared to that of Re-Source Partners. Re-Source Partners ensures that every hard drive is processed according to the clients’ security requirements…and in most cases we exceed it. Re-Source Partners processes have exceeded industry standards for the better part of 5 years and the company only continues to strengthen them. Re-Source Partners has registered ISO Quality 9001 and Environmental Systems 14001 in place. These are documented processes to guarantee the safety of client assets. Re-Source Partners solutions take into account equipment value and help our clients to leverage this value into their long term plans to control the costs of managing large networks of IT assets. Re-Source Partners has partnered with some of the world’s best Fortune 1000 companies to ensure that a true win-win approach to customer relationships delivered with flexibility and custom processes. We have partnered with and performed end-of-lifecycle services for financial services firms, healthcare, governmental and educational institutions, law firms, and other corporations and leasing companies. If your company truly takes security of data seriously and wants solid returns on investment for retired IT hardware, look no further. Re-Source Partners is uniquely qualified to provide the highly secure, auditable and sustainable solution required for the proper management of your company’s assets

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