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VQ, Inc. Tommy Car Wash Systems, Inc
581 Ottawa Ave
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Tommy Car Wash Systems is a team of passionate car wash professionals working to create opportunities for our partners to become the best car wash operators they can be. We provide modular building designs, robust stainless-steel car wash equipment, an advanced Wash Club license plate reader system, the Tommy Transporter belt, high performance wash detergents, and an industry-leading franchise opportunity. At Tommy Car Wash Systems, we have a solution for almost any size operator. Our team has assisted in the development of hundreds of some of the most successful car washes around the world. Tommy's Express is a national franchise for outstanding car washes and car care services. Powered by industry leading technology and decades of experience and planning, Tommy's Express car washes deliver a cutting-edge car wash experience unlike anything you've encountered before. Our fully automatic washes feature advances including the easy-loading car wash dual belt conveyor, wide open car wash bay for natural lighting, advanced presoak and sealer services, and free high-power self-serve vacuums on site.

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VQ, Inc. Tommy Car Wash Systems, Inc  View Profile

Holland, Michigan 49423





Industrial Machinery Mechanics

High School Diploma/Equivalency

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  • Full-time
  • Nights/weekends available
  • Medical benefits provided
  • Willing to train/training program

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