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Natural Choice Foods
1125 Comstock St
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Natural Choice Foods is a full-service, solutions-oriented buyer of excess or short coded inventory. We are solution to inventory and overstock dilemmas. We respect our suppliers and their brands and products. • We sell only in strict accordance with all selling and advertising restrictions (selling only into the secondary markets), including through our own outlets – Daily Deals Food Outlet • We have full re-pack capability– including USDA-regulated goods • We are committed to a strong and comprehensive food safety program We pride ourselves on being a good partner. • We are in a position to take big (including multiple truckloads) or small quantities • Broad reach of customers in the secondary markets – discount stores, foodservice outlets, and correctional facilities – across wide geography (essentially everywhere east of the Rocky Mountains) • We offer a fair price and always pay on time • We are willing to “bundle” purchases (not “cherry-picking” the best items) to be ONE solution (one invoice, one truck, etc.) • Ability to handle all products: dry, refrigerated, frozen We run a first-class, efficient operation: • We provide logistics excellence, including our own fleet of refrigerated trucks and trailers, with the ability to pick-up at any location in the U.S. • SAP warehouse/inventory control systems, including using handheld scanning devices at point of receipt and shipment, which allows for real-time inventory knowledge/counts • 72,000 sq ft warehouse in Michigan – including 35,000 sq ft freezer; 20,000 sq ft cooler and 12,000 sq ft facility in Wisconsin • Commitment to food safety

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