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American Kiosk Management

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Proactiv Skin Care Solution, the number one selling acne skin treatment in America is currently recruiting for the position of TEAM MEMBER at TWELVE OAKS MALL. We offer exceptional growth opportunities for our ever expanding markets.

THE PROACTIV TEAM MEMBERS are responsible for business activity at the cart during a given shift. This responsibility includes all business activities including sales, maintaining strong, high quality customer service, completing any duties assigned by the manager, and following all policies and procedures.


This position description is a summary of major responsibilities and is not intended to be all inclusive. AKM reserves the right to alter responsibilities at any time as required by our business. Other duties may be assigned. The essential duties and responsibilities are:

• Customer service and sales effort at the cart during a shift. Maintain a very strong knowledge of company products, be able to demonstrate products effectively, answer customer questions, and be a customer service advocate. Do his or her part to assure that the Cart retains a high average ticket sale.
• Maintains compliance with company policies and procedures which includes among other things, cash management, and product inventory control.
• Must be product certified in a timely manner.
• Ensures that the kiosk is maintained to corporate standards. Makes sure that the kiosk is clean, organized, and well stocked.
• Helps maintain effective communications and a good relationship with Mall Management by adhering to mall regulations.
• Reports to and staffs Kiosk as scheduled.
• Calling in sales numbers on all shifts in which the Team Member closes the kiosk.
• Maintains corporate standard for image and attire, including wearing Proactiv logo shirt on all shifts.
• Maintains effective communications with other Team Members and the Store Leader.
• Effectively operates computer and company- provided software.
• Answers customer's questions concerning location, price, and use of merchandise.
• Makes bank deposit when working closing shift.




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  • Employer Name: American Kiosk Management
  • Address: 101 Convention Center Dr. #1225
  • Address Line 2:
  • City: Las Vegas
  • State/Province/Region: NV
  • Zip/Postal Code: 89109
  • Website: http://www.americankiosk.com
  • Alternate Website:
  • Description: American Kiosk Management (AKM) is the largest “Owner Operator” Specialty Retailer in the world. The AKM team was honored by becoming the first inductee into the Specialty Retail Hall of Fame in 2010. Its Executive Team has been recognized with numerous awards both professionally and personally. From a beginning in 1997 in the specialty retail industry with one Metabolife cart location, the company has grown to 776 locations in the United States and Canada. The journey has included successful international ventures in Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. Gross sales have reached almost $200 million, and the company has been profitable each and every year for 15 years. During this very successful journey, over 1,000 retail locations were opened. At its peak expansion phase, AKM opened over 120 new locations within a six month period of time. AKM has sold to over 50,000,000 guests and currently serves over 3,200,000 guests per year at its shopping mall locations. And the repeat customer percentage averages over 85%. For locations where mall customer traffic counts could not sustain a “manned cart/kiosk”, AKM worked with Zoom Systems Company, a provider of “Automated Retail Units”, basically a robotic kiosk/vending machine, to place these machines in shopping malls, distributing Proactiv Solutions products. AKM interacts with the Zoom company data systems to approve all locations, reorder products, analyze customer preferences, and handle all the Zoom logistics. AKM receives proposals to distribute other companies’ product lines on a very frequent basis, and only chooses those that are from reputable companies that are well financed, and whose products/services have a high probability of success in the specialty retail venue.

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