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 Web Developer
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Search Optics

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Smarter Solutions -- Better Results" summarizes the philosophy of Search Optics. This phrase defines what we strive to provide every day, the action and approach of all our team members, and the impression we wish to leave with our business partners.

Search Optics, is a rapidly growing internet marketing company and we are seeking a full time Web Developer to be located in our Ferndale office. Search Optics is an employee-friendly company offering excellent health, dental and vision benefits, PTO, matching 401k and life insurance. Please visit our website at www.searchoptics.com.


The position will report to the Website Development Manager and work in coordination with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and maintain our next generation websites and web tools. We are looking for an ambitious, hard-working, highly motivated developer with creative outlook.

SKILLS: - Strong verbal and visual communication abilities - Proficient with Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer - Ability to cut and slice Photoshop designs to include in HTML pages - Knowledge of image optimization and spriting - Ability to create web pages using HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, AJAX, and PHP - Some knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5 - Ability to manage and work in a Linux VM (shell, command line) - Knowledge of version control systems such as Subversion or Git - Knowledge of IDEs

Within each of the following categories, the successful applicant will have a thorough understanding of:

DESIGN - User Experience (UX) - User Interface (UI) - How to meet compliance standards

HTML/CSS - Floats - how they work, what it does to document flow, and how to break out of it - Padding and its relation to width and height of object - How to write all CSS declaratives in a single line - The difference between ID and class and when to use each - CSS specificity and inheritance - Semantic HTML - Debugging web pages using browser tools - Browser specific compatability coding issues

CODING - Creating and debugging PHP code - Creating and debugging Javascript and JQuery code - Know and understand DRY principles

DUTIES: - Work with team of web designers and web developers to design and develop our next generation websites - Work with web designers to transform Photoshop designs into websites - Participate in maintenance of existing sites - Develop code using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, and other front-end technologies - Work with backend product development team to enhance overall user experience of our platforms - Improve development efforts by applying industry best practices


- 2+ years designing and developing LAMP web applications - Experience with PHP frameworks like Zend or Symfony is desired - 2+ years’ Experience with JQuery - 3+ years’ experience of CSS

A Bachelor's degree is highly desired but not required.

How to Apply

Please create a Word doc or pdf containing the answers to the below questions and attach, along with your resume to our application page:


Please answer the following questions in 1 or 2 sentences each! Be brief!

1. What are your salary requirements?

2. How many years’ experience do you have in web development?

3. How many years’ experience do you have in each of the following? - Photoshop - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - jQuery - PHP - Linux - Shell - SQL

4. How would you rate your knowledge of the following on a scale of 1-10?

- Photoshop - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - jQuery - PHP - Linux - Shell - SQL

5. Do you have a bachelor's degree? If so, what is field of study?

Please remember, failure to answer any of the above questions may disqualify your application for employment with Search Optics.

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  • Employer Name: Search Optics
  • Address: 1938 Burdette
  • Address Line 2:
  • City: Ferndale
  • State/Province/Region: MI
  • Zip/Postal Code: 48220
  • Website: http://www.searchoptics.com
  • Alternate Website:
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